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Helpful Prayer Model - Praying the 6 D's (from

Helpful Prayer Model – Praying the 6 D’s (from

I subscribe to the blog as the content they produce is always phenomenal. One of today’s posts was just something I had to share with my L2W (Live2Worship) readers. It’s from Jon Bloom on praying the 6 d’s. Check it out: A few years back I wrote about the 5 “D’s” I pray for […]

Jesus on Cross

How Well Do You Know Jesus – Better Questions, Better Relationship With Jesus

“Why me?” You hear people ask questions like this all the time. Or… “What did I do to deserve this?” Maybe you’re even one of them?  I know I used to be and still lapse back into THINKING this type of thing every now and then when things get really tough.  But after reading a […]