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Be A Life Giver With Your Tongue

Is Your Mouth Full of Life or Full of Death?

There are times when someone else says something you’ve been feeling and even trying to express much better, more elegantly than you’ve been able to utter.  Today in my inbox I received this post from Desiring God and that was the case. In recent weeks and months I’ve been telling several friends and even people […]

Mark Driscoll Sermon on Hell - Sneak Peak

Mark Driscoll Sermon on Hell – Sneak Peak

I’m a fan of Mark Driscoll.  Because he’s a fan of Jesus, the Bible and absolute truth!  🙂  Anyway, Mark Driscoll is halfway through sermon series on Luke.  This is no ordinary sermon series…he’s taking almost 3 years (106 weeks in all) and he’s over a year and a half in.  This coming Sunday he’ll […]

Spiritual Muscle Development for Stronger Faith

Spiritual Muscle Development for Stronger Faith

We’ve all been asked (or more likely told) by God to wait on Him. Any of you who know my story, you know God has had me here all too often…and if you don’t know, suffice it to say I know a thing or two about waiting on God. I know several people right now […]

Who Is This Wretched Man Living In A Non Continual Victory Over Sin?

Who Is This Wretched Man Living In A Non Continual Victory Over Sin?

I am a wretched man.  And earlier tonight I felt like a divided or conflicted man.  It’s a feeling I’ve felt before after realizing my sin, but tonight was like no other.  I knew I needed to write about it here and share what I believe God showed me. I know that I’m saved by […]

Jesus on Cross

How Well Do You Know Jesus – Better Questions, Better Relationship With Jesus

“Why me?” You hear people ask questions like this all the time. Or… “What did I do to deserve this?” Maybe you’re even one of them?  I know I used to be and still lapse back into THINKING this type of thing every now and then when things get really tough.  But after reading a […]

Finding God In Tough Times

Finding God In Tough Times – 7 Biblical Facts To Lean On When Things Get Tough

Every Christian should expect trouble, persecution, hardship and tough times from time to time. The Bible promises us these things will come our way. However when you’re in the midst of that “stuff”, these 7 facts about God and why we’re here can help you re-align your life with His purpose and allow Him to carry you through the tough times of life.

love earth too much

Do We Love Our Life Too Much?

I used to fear the return of Christ. Then, at some point later in my walk, the fear of His return turned into resistance for lack of a better word.  In other words, I had (and have) a great life here on Earth and so while I would have told you I loved Jesus dearly […]

What Does It Take To Waste Your Life?

What Does It Take To Waste Your Life?

We were designed to have one passion, and that this passion will lead us to the joy we all truly long for. The cost will be great. But the joy is worth any cost.

It's Crazy...Isn't It?

It’s Crazy…Isn’t It?

Have you ever felt like we were missing it?

It’s crazy if you think about it. The God of the universe – the Creator of nitrogen and pine needles…galaxies and E-minor – loves us with a radical, unconditional, self-sacrificing love. And what’s our typical response? We go to church, sing some songs and try not to cuss.