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Choosing Worship Songs & Sets Wisely...It Matters

Choosing Worship Songs & Sets Wisely…It Matters

I recently found an talk done by Bob Kauflin and it affected me as a worship leader. I think it’s so important, that I want to share it here.  It’s a 2 part audio/MP3 download and you can download it here Choosing Songs Wisely Part 1 Choosing Songs Wisely Part 2 by Bob Kauflin Why […]

Open your heart to the love of God

Open Your Heart To the Love of God

“To worship is to quicken the conscience by the holiness of God, to feed the mind with the truth of God, to purge the imagination by the beauty of God, to open the heart to the love of God, to devote the will to the purpose of God.” –William Temple I try really hard to […]

The Goal of God's Love May Not Be What You Think It Is

The Goal of God’s Love May Not Be What You Think It Is

Do people go to the Grand Canyon to increase their self-esteem? Probably not. This is, at least, a hint that the deepest joys in life come not from savoring the self, but from seeing splendor.

How To Worship God - What Is God Worth To You?

How To Worship God – What Is God Worth To You?

In my post last week entitled How To Live For God – 6 Practical Suggestions that Will Change Your Life, we looked at how God transforms us through living a disciplined life.  We saw that the spiritual disciplines put us in the perfect place for God to transform our lives. I do have a confession […]

Keep Christ In Christmas

How To Keep Christ In Christmas & Joy In Your Life

This is passage of scripture that lays out a detailed blueprint of HOW to keep Christ in Christmas. It’s a blueprint of how to worship God. And as we see how to worship the Lord more authentically, I hope you’ll see that genuine worship is the only real way to keep Christ in Christmas and joy in your life!

How To Find God, But Are You Looking?

How To Find God, But Are You Looking?

Are you looking for God? It’s a question that I would propose most born again, bible believing Christians would answer instinctively and adamantly, YES! And as Buddy Owens points out, the pursuit of God has been going on since the day you were born and lasts a lifetime, that’s for sure.

But the real question is this…

Are you the hunter or the prey?