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Choosing Worship Songs & Sets Wisely…It Matters

I recently found an talk done by Bob Kauflin and it affected me as a worship leader. I think it’s so important, that I want to share it here.  It’s a 2 part audio/MP3 download and you can download it here

Choosing Songs Wisely Part 1

Choosing Songs Wisely Part 2

by Bob Kauflin
Why do the songs we sing matter? How are we to go about choosing songs for corporate worship?

Songs teach. Gordon Fee said, “Show me a church’s songs, and I’ll show you their theology.” Lack of discernment in the choice of songs affects the church’s direction.

Bob Kauflin uses this session to discuss how the songs we sing should be evaluated by Scriptural accuracy first, then by accessibility, freshness, and style, among other considerations. Bob offers direction in choosing songs for Sunday, planning out your church’s “song diet,” and resources for doctrinally-accurate, sing-able songs.

This session was delivered at the 2004 Worship God Conference.

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