Worship Resources

With a background in web technology for the past 15+ years, I’m often asked about web site design, web development, web site hosting and web site templates for churches and ministries so I thought I would take some time recently and research some of the best providers and options for churches and ministries.

Also, in the effort of full disclosure, while I’d never recommend something I don’t have full confidence in working absolutely wonderfully for churches or ministries, I do have the potential to make money from some of these providers.  Now you know!

Christian Website Resources

I will start by giving you some free resources that you can use if your church or ministry has anyone with any web technology expertise at all.  They can help you get a CMS or christian website template setup and then non-technical staff can keep the site updated.

Learn more by checking out our church websites section.

Leading Worship Resources

Learn more in our worship piano and worship guitar sections.