Worship Guitar

So I’ll just admit it…I’d love to be able to play the guitar.  I guess there are a few reasons:

  1. You can bring an acoustic anywhere and enjoy music and worship Him.
  2. Leading worship from guitar would give so much more freedom to communicate with the band and demonstrative worship myself.
  3. It just sounds cool (electric more than acoustic on this one).

I bought a cheap acoustic guitar in college once.  Brought it to my dorm, spent 4 hours playing, fingers bled and I took it back.  Hmmm, come to think of it…I also took one piano lesson and never took anymore cause I was too impatient.  Guess I ought to work on my patience huh?

Anyway, last year for Christmas, we got my son got an electric guitar.  Shortly after that we moved and he still hasn’t had one lesson.  So, I had planned on using the built in lessons to Garage Band on my mac with him, but then I asked him if he’d like it if daddy did it with him.  His eyes lit up, and he said, “Yeah daddy that would be cool!”.

worship guitarSo, much like I did with the online piano lessons search, I went off in search of a resource for learning to play the guitar online.  And wouldn’t ya know it.  PlayWorshipGuitar.com pops to the surface.  Again, we haven’t signed up yet, but we plan to do so soon.  When we do, I will share all of our progress on this site.  He’s giving away free lessons and offering a $1, 21 day trial as well, so if anyone decides not to wait for our review here on Live2Worship and tries the program, by all means let me know what your thoughts are.

NOTE:  in the effort of full disclosure, to help fund this site and the time that is put into it, you should know that some offers on this site are relationships where we receive a small commission for referring business to the site. You should also know that we don’t just recommend anything that comes down the pike for a quick buck. We won’t recommend something until we know it’s worth the recommendation and if we do talk about something we haven’t purchased or used, we’ll tell you that too.