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worship pianoWould you love to learn to play the piano or lead worship from the keyboard? If so, read the rest of this page…you won’t be disappointed.

As I’ve mentioned on the site before, I’ve led worship for the past 10 years and I do so from the keyboard.  I play almost entirely by ear and, while I can read chord charts and understand the basics of music, I can’t actually read music.  I didn’t realize when I was younger that there was anything special to being able to hear a song and be able to just play it, until I found out that other people didn’t hear music the same way I did.

So, this brings up an interesting problem of sorts when I’m asked questions like, “How can I learn to play piano?” or “Will you give me or my child lessons?”, because often I not only have to tell the person that I can’t help them or teach them, but I also need to explain that I’m not sure where they would go to increase their skill.

As I mentioned above, I can’t sight read music and for years that’s bothered me.  And as luck would have it, my daughter is also gifted in music, and when she showed interest in our piano, I made my mind up that she would get lessons.  All was well until earlier this year, when we moved.  Now we find ourselves  in a new city with no friends or family to guide us.  Now we’re not sure who we can send her to for lessons.  In addition, when we purchased our baby grand, my wife told me that she has always wanted to learn to play the piano as well.

I decided it was high time to find a resource for learning to play piano.  But instead of just calling local folks who give lessons, I decided to see what was being offered online.

Quite frankly, I have to tell you that what I found shocked me!

I found what might possibly be the best system available for learning how to play the piano…period.  Now, we haven’t purchased it yet and tried it, but you better believe that when we do, I plan on writing about our experience here on this site:  outlining everything, the good and the bad.  So, what did I find?

worship piano product

Rocket Piano Online Piano Lesson System

Rocket Piano Online Piano Lesson System

After we buy and go through the system, we will document it here, so you know our thoughts on the program.  It’s obviously too early to tell, but from the description on their site of what’s included, I have a feeling that it’s going to be the most powerful and economical way to learn piano that I’ve ever seen.

So, my wife Kim, who has no musical background at all, and has never played any instrument, will use it to learn how to play piano from the very beginning.  Now my daughter, who is already able to sight read fairly well, and has been taking lessons for nearly four years now, will continue to build her skill set, and I who have been playing for 24 years, but don’t know how to sight read, will be going through it as well.  It should be interesting to see how the system teaches 3 people learning from completely different starting points.

Stay tuned, and if anyone purchases it, let me know what you think!

NOTE: in the effort of full disclosure, to help fund this site and the time that is put into it, you should know that some offers on this site are relationships where we receive a small commission for referring business to the site. You should also know that we don’t just recommend anything that comes down the pike for a quick buck. We won’t recommend something until we know it’s worth the recommendation and if we do talk about something we haven’t purchased or used, we’ll tell you that too.